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Welcome to a product of Beyond Management Groups IT division. Having explored and tested various dating websites across the board, we came to the conclusion that single men and women are not necessarily getting what they are looking for from online dating websites.
Most of the social/dating websites are missing the spontaneity, fin and ease use factor. makes sure that dating for our members is not only a lot of fun, but at the same time very spontaneous. We have made this website and its features and services extremely easy and quick to use. We make sure you get the absolutely best results for the amount of time you spend on
Here is how it works.
The concept is simple; for men if they have an interesting fun filled date idea, they register on and put that idea online along with their quick profile. They can choose any day of their convenience within the next one week when they would like to go out on their proposed date.
They can also choose the option “any day within next one week”.

For ladies they can propose a date idea of their choice and wait for the male members who are interested in taking them out to contact them, or they can simply make their quick profile and check out their dating options available for next week.

For example:
I am a male and I live in New York City. I have tickets to a move premier two days from now. If I need a date, I will come to make my quick profile and propose the above mentioned date for two days from now. The female members will have the opportunity to browse my profile along with my date idea, and if they like me they will contact me. I will also have the opportunity to mail and inform the female members about me and propose a date.

For female members, once they make a quick profile they have the option to explore the kind of dates available to them in the next week. If they are intrigued by any idea, they can mail or instant message the male member and inform them their interest in his proposal.

If a female member is not interested in exploring date idea from the gentlemen on the site, she can always propose her own date idea on her profile along with her convenient date to go out. In this case male members interested in the idea can contact propose to take her out on her desired date.

Here is the text for how it works

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